Here are some of my favorite people and places to visit.....

Jan Garrett-first of all a very talented singer and songwriter and workshop leader....and also my beloved wife.

Ben Dowling-a mind-blowing pianist and my co-producer on "One Heart."

Rickie Byars-a wonderful singer and songwriter, the music director at Agape International Spiritual Center, one of my spiritual homes.

Graceful Passages-a 2 CD set of gorgeous music with a beautiful booklet put together by two friends, Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater. Gary's music with spoken word by some of today's wisdom teachers about living and dying. Everytime I listen to this, I am profoundly moved.

Bobby Mason-the King of Rock 'n' Roll in Aspen, a wonderful friend, and a great songwriter as well.

Ellen Stapenhorst-a dear friend and accomplished singer/songwriter.


Some websites that support my music and many other great artists as well.


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